Stakeholder Publications

RJS4C Briefing for the Criminal Justice Strategic Committee

In May 2021, RJS4C Ireland drafted and presented a briefing to the CJSC outlining four options for the development of restorative justice services in Ireland.

A More Humane Approach to Addressing the Harm of Criminal Behaviour Starts with Victims

RJS4C Core Member Tim Chapman writes here about the importance of repairing harm to victims and supporting victim recovery in the 2018 Irish Probation Journal. 

How to Create a Better Irish Criminal Justice System

In 2019, RJS4C Core Member Dr. Ian Marder wrote about restorative justice for a general audience, in a short article published by RTÉ.

Restorative Justice: Strategies for Change - A Collective Strategy for Ireland, 2019-2023

Here, you can find the RJS4C Irish national strategy, developed and published in 2019 in consultation with our Stakeholder Group.

An interview with Ursula Fernée about ”Stronger”, a recent play by Geoff Power

Ursula Fernée, RJS4C Core Member and Assistant Principal Probation Officer with the Probation Service, was interviewed here by the CEP to discuss Stronger, a restorative justice play featured in the Dublin Theatre Festival in October 2020. 

Towards Excellence in Restorative Practice: A Quality Assurance Framework for Organisations and Practitioners

In 2014, for Restorative Practices Ireland, Dr. Kieran O’Dwyer, RJS4C Core Member, wrote on quality assurance in restorative practice.

Challenges in the future of restorative youth justice in Ireland: minimising intervention, maximising participation

This open access paper considers how how Ireland has defined, used and researched restorative youth justice, and applies international law and research to analyse the possibilities and challenges of its ongoing expansion.

Would You Meet a Person Who Committed a Crime Against You?

On the launch of the RJS4C Ireland website, Core Member Ian Marder wrote for RTÉ on the research we published.

Protecting Rights, Restoring Respect and Strengthening Relationships: European Model for Restorative Justice with Children and Young People

In 2015, the International Juvenile Justice Observatory published this report by RJS4C Core Member Tim Chapman and his colleagues on restorative youth justice.

Mapping restorative justice and restorative practices in criminal justice in Ireland

This open access article outlines and analyses 2019 data on the use of restorative justice and practices in criminal justice in Ireland, based on the RJS4C mapping exercise.

Restorative Justice as the New Default in Irish Criminal Justice

For the 2019 Irish Probation Journal, RJS4C Core Member Ian Marder outlined how restorative justice could be implemented throughout Irish criminal justice so that stakeholder participation and repairing harm became the default process and goal of justice.

Training for restorative justice work in cases of sexual violence

In 2018, Dr. Marie Keenan (UCD) published in the new International Journal on Restorative Justice on the types of training required for practitioners facilitating in sexual and serious cases.