A.     Service overview and contact details


Focus of restorative justice (RJ) and restorative practice (RP) activities

Release is a registered charity that supports ex-offenders to live transformed lives. It currently provides five different programmes, namely mentoring, group work in prison, supervised family visits, support after prison and matching with churches post-release. It seeks to use restorative approaches and principles in all aspects of its work.

Year of commencement (RJ/RP elements)


Service details


5 Gardiner Row

D01 R3K1



Tel: 086 044 9351

Head of service

Philip Larragy, CEO –

Staffing structure

Release has a full-time CEO and a part-time administrator.

Staff training in RJ/RP

The CEO trained as a restorative justice facilitator with the International Institute for Restorative Practices and in restorative practices with One in Four.

Use of volunteers  

Release relies mainly on volunteers to deliver its services and has a cohort of 25 to 40 volunteers at any one time.

Volunteer training in RJ/RP

Fifteen volunteers recently completed on-line training in RJ/RP with an independent training provider.

Main source(s) of funding

Release relies for its funding on donations from a range of funding organisations and individuals.  Volunteers donate their time.

Annual budget


Nature of funding


Organisational status

Release is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. It is governed by a Board of Trustees.

Target client group

Adult prisoners and former prisoners

Nature of offences

Not limited to specific categories

Source of referrals

Self-referrals and referrals by prison staff

Geographic area of activity

Dublin, focusing on Mountjoy and Arbour Hill Prisons

B.     Nature of RJ/RP service

RJ/RP services provided

Release seeks to carry out all aspects of its business in a restorative manner. Its mentoring programme matches mentors with serving prisoners and builds a support relationship that continues into the community post-release. Its programme of group work in prisons focuses on developing empathy and building positive, sustainable support groups. Release also offers a neutral venue for escorted prisoners to meet with their loved ones outside the prison environment; helps ex-offenders build practical plans for reintegration and provides referrals to partner; and matches ex-offenders with churches in the areas to which they are resettling and trains and supports churches in welcoming them into the congregation.

Activity levels

In 2020, Release worked with 50+ clients.

Community participation

Services are delivered in the main by community volunteers.

Offence breakdown  

Not applicable

Offender age and gender breakdown

Participants in 2020 ranged from 25 to 75.  All programme participants are male.


Not applicable

C.     Sources of further information



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